Marlyne Barrett: ‘Chicago Med’ actress has cancer

Marlyne Barrett makes her illness public. The ‘Chicago Med’ actress has cancer. She reveals details about her tumor. In the popular American series “Chicago Med”, Marlyne Barrett plays nurse Maggie Lockwood. In the format, the character of the actress battled breast cancer. Sadly, Barrett can now relate all too well to what the character felt … Read more

How Fat Cells Promote Breast Cancer Tumor Growth – Healing Practice

What role do adipocytes play in breast cancer? so called Adipocytes (fat cells) that grow near breast cancer are able to transform into other types of cells, which in turn make the increase tumor growth. This discovery could lead to completely new and effective options in the fight against breast cancer in the future. In … Read more

Fighting cancer with light – New approach presented – Heilpraxis

Extended photodynamic therapy to treat cancer At the so-called photodynamic therapy for the treatment of Krebs Using light, the active ingredients are targeted directly on the Tumor activated. So far, the method can only be used to a limited extent because the principle places high demands on an active ingredient. However, a Japanese research team … Read more

Gut flora influences the risk of metastasis in breast cancer – healing practice

How the gut affects breast cancer An unhealthy and inflammatory Darmmikrobiom triggers changes in normal breast tissue that we spread of breast cancer favor other parts of the body. In a new study involving experts from University of Virginia it has been investigated whether cellular changes in normal breast tissue, which occur as a reaction … Read more