No separation? Konny and Manuela Reimann more in love than ever

No separation?  Konny and Manuela Reimann more in love than ever

No leaf fits between Manuela Reimann (54) and her Konny Reimann (67)! The Goodbye Germany stars have been together for half an eternity. And their emigration to the USA in 2004 only bonded the couple even more. But every once in a while, their fans suspect that the cult emigrants might have gone their separate … Read more

Prince George takes on the royal Joker in the new school

Prince George takes on the royal Joker in the new school

Well countered! It was only this year that Prince William (40) and Princess Kate (40) moved to Windsor with their children. Prince George (9) and his siblings clearly noticed the change in scenery when they moved to a new school. An unusual situation, because the future little heir to the throne had to fight for … Read more

Kiss with Anne Wunsch: the Twenty4Tim clip is going viral!

Twenty4Tim (22) is moved to tears. In April, the influencer released her first song titled “Bling Bling” and caused a stir. Even before the release of the single, there was a lot of criticism. But the social media star was obviously undeterred and has now released her second hit “Gönn Dir” on the market. But … Read more

‘Incredible’: Aurora Ramazzotti reveals baby’s gender

Aurora Ramazzotti (25) can she have a son or a daughter with impatience? There has long been speculation that the influencer and her partner Goffredo Cerza are becoming parents for the first time. Then, in mid-September, there was finally a certainty: the daughter of Michelle Hunziker (45 years old) and Eros Ramazzotti (58 years old) … Read more

Kody Brown Gives His Daughter a Choice: ‘School or Me’

Kody Brown (53) is a strict father! The father of 18 is best known for his reality TV series Sister Wives, which chronicles his polygamous life with four women. Christine Brown (50) split from the reality TV star last November. With her, he fathered six children. One of them is Ysabella (19). In the new … Read more

Almost foul during the match: Stephen Dürr cries in the summer house

Stephen Dürr (48) had to grit his teeth! The actor and his wife Katharina are among couples taking on daring summer house challenges in this year’s star season. Candidates had to master a number of tasks at dizzying heights. But now hit Etienne a summer house game in difficult conditions. He hadn’t defecated completely before, … Read more

King consort Camilla abolishes a centuries-old tradition

King’s wife Camilla (75) is apparently a breath of fresh air! A few weeks ago, Queen Elizabeth II died aged 96 – her son and heir to the throne Charles (73) became the UK’s new king. The Regent’s death also meant a change for his wife Camilla: she is now Queen Consort. Camilla probably took … Read more

Laura Maria Rypa Pietro Lombardi can’t forgive this!

Some things are simply unforgivable! Laura Maria Rypa (26) and her Pietro Lombardi (30) could hardly be happier right now. The two will soon be parents for the first time. But their relationship has had its ups and downs so far as they have already made several attempts. Since June, however, the two have officially … Read more

Lady Louise Windsor is believed to be pursuing this dangerous hobby

Lady Louise Windsor (18) does what she wants? Although the niece of King Charles III. (73) is a member of the British Royal Family, her parents Prince Edward (58) and Sophie Wessex (57) always kept their daughter out of the public eye as best they could. This allowed Louise to lead a relatively “normal” life … Read more

Kim Kardashian has strict rules on private jet flights

Apparently, flying with Kim Air is no picnic. The Kardashians can afford almost anything. So it’s no wonder that many family members have a private jet. However, Kylie Jenner (25) received a lot of hate when it became known how often she travels in an air limo. Kim Kardashian (41) also likes to use her … Read more