This is how the Russians react to the mobilization

The partial mobilization causes mixed feelings in Russia. This shows a new poll. Almost one in two Russians reacted with fear and shock to the partial mobilization ordered by Kremlin chief Vladimir Putin, according to a poll. A total of 47% of those polled described their feelings after Putin’s speech a week ago as “fear, … Read more

Escape from Russia and Putin

VItaliy Averin has his hands full with what the 38-year-old Russian calls “demobilization”. Averin advises Russians who want to defect to Kazakhstan before mobilizing in the country. He has been living there, in Almaty, the country’s largest city, since last spring. Because as a leading member of the “Golos” (voice) democracy and election observation movement, … Read more

Vladimir Putin would be on vacation after the mobilization

The Russian president is very busy in public. But some of them are said to be fake. Russian President Vladimir Putin is said to have taken a short vacation after the announcement of the mobilization in the war in Ukraine. Journalist Farida Rustamova reports on her Telegram channel, citing three sources close to the president. … Read more

Russia apparently considering an exit ban for able-bodied men

In order to impose war mobilization, the Kremlin apparently wants to massively restrict border crossings. Recruitment is sometimes chaotic. The Kremlin apparently plans to close the country’s borders to men of military age on September 28. The step could take place immediately after the end of the sham referendums in Ukraine, reports the independent Russian … Read more

How Putin’s mobilization brings war to Russia

An the old Arbat, one of Moscow’s best-known pedestrian areas, there has been a photo exhibition for a long time: it is called “Children of Donbass”. Black and white portrait photos show serious-looking children, short texts introduce them: Ten-year-old Katja was in kindergarten when the war broke out and had to run for her life … Read more

Selenskyj warns against Russian mobilization

Dukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has warned the citizens of the occupied territories against the mobilization of the Russian army. “By all means, hide from the Russian mobilization. Avoid summons,” Zelenskyy said in his daily video address on Friday. In the four Russian-occupied regions of Cherson, Donetsk, Luhansk and Zaporizhia, mock referendums on joining Russia, which … Read more