Covid-19: how Corona could damage the heart

After a Covid-19 illness, the risk of diseases of the cardiovascular system increases. This has been demonstrated, among other things, by a study in »Nature Medicine«. A working group led by Arutha Kulasinghe from the University of Queensland now presents an analysis in “Immunology” that explains the underlying mechanism – at least for some of … Read more

Lassa fever is spreading thanks to climate change

More than 600 million people could be at risk from the dangerous Lassa virus in the future. Over the next 50 years, climate change and land use will dramatically increase the area in which people can contract the often fatal hemorrhagic fever, reports a team led by Raphaëlle Klitting of the Scripps Research Institute. As … Read more

Instead of a transplant: new mini-livers grow in the lymph nodes

At Massachusetts General Hospital, a patient with end-stage liver disease is to receive a brand new treatment: Liver cells are injected into the lymph nodes, where they are then supposed to grow into mini-livers. This is reported by the MIT Technology Review magazine in its current issue 7/2022. This treatment was developed by Lygenesis. She … Read more