Stopping the kidnapping of a minister: Belgium fights against drug-related terror

Minister’s kidnapping stopped Belgium fights against drug terrorism 09/28/2022 10:53 The investigators barely manage to prevent the kidnapping of the Belgian Minister of Justice by the drug mafia. The small country is one of the most important hubs for illicit drugs in Europe, and the authorities are losing control. A “drug war” is now raging … Read more

100 firefighters in action: hours of smoldering fire on nuclear submarine in Toulon

100 firefighters on duty Hours of smoldering fire on a nuclear submarine in Toulon 09/27/2022 08:33 A nuclear submarine in the south of France burned for hours before around 100 firefighters managed to bring the smoldering fire under control. According to the prefecture of the navy, there should be no danger linked to radioactive radiation. … Read more

Area beaches closed: Great white shark kills holidaymaker in South Africa

Area beaches closed Great white shark kills holidaymaker in South Africa 26/09/2022, 19:01 A short sea voyage turns into a nightmare for a South African family. In the shallows off Plettenberg Bay, a great white shark attacks and kills a woman. This is not the first case this year. After a bloody shark attack at … Read more

Lava flows in the Pacific: Volcanic eruption creates new island near Tonga

Lava flows in the Pacific Volcanic eruption creates new island near Tonga 09/25/2022, 8:32 p.m. South Pacific country Tonga has gained an island. After the massive eruption of an underwater volcano, lava flows have created a new island. However, it is questionable whether it will remain so. In Tonga, a South Pacific country, a new … Read more

On Rosh Hashanah New Year: Tens of Thousands of Jews Make Pilgrimage to Ukraine Despite War

For Rosh Hashanah New Year Tens of thousands of Jews make pilgrimage to Ukraine despite war 09/25/2022, 9:48 p.m. The Ukrainian city of Uman is an important place of pilgrimage for ultra-Orthodox Jews. Despite authorities’ warnings about the war, around 23,000 Hasidic people come to Rabbi Nachman’s tomb to celebrate the New Year. “We are … Read more

Tight Montpellier airport: a plane pulls over the runway and slides into the sea

Montpellier airport closed The plane pulls over the runway and slides into the sea 09/24/2022, 5:44 p.m. During a heavy storm, a plane attempts to land in the French Mediterranean region of Occitanie. However, the Boeing overruns the runway and heads straight into a lake. Pilots are lucky in their misfortune. According to a report, … Read more

Many Russians flee to Turkey

Flight to Antalya from Sochi After Putin’s partial mobilization, flights from Russia to neighboring countries were full in no time. (Photo: IMAGO/ITAR-TASS) Ankara, Dusseldorf In the end, the price no longer played a role. According to Google’s flight price search, the last seats on the plane to Istanbul cost more than 1,500 euros, twice as … Read more