Irritable bowel syndrome: when the gut-brain axis is disrupted

Anyone suffering from non-specific abdominal pain, constipation or diarrhea more than once a week for more than three months should absolutely have these symptoms clarified by a doctor and rule out other bowel diseases. If irritable bowel syndrome has been diagnosed in gastroenterological practice, the first step in treatment is to keep a food diary. … Read more

Gut flora influences the risk of metastasis in breast cancer – healing practice

How the gut affects breast cancer An unhealthy and inflammatory Darmmikrobiom triggers changes in normal breast tissue that we spread of breast cancer favor other parts of the body. In a new study involving experts from University of Virginia it has been investigated whether cellular changes in normal breast tissue, which occur as a reaction … Read more

Intestinal bacteria influence our metabolism – healing practice

Strong link between gut microbiota and metabolites According to a recent study, there is a close link between the bacteria living in the gut and the metabolic products present in the bloodthe said metabolites. The relationships discovered open up new perspectives on the interactions between Darmflora and their host. researchers of Uppsala University and the … Read more