Stuttgart signs the #positivework declaration of German aids aid

Despite education campaigns on transmission routes and the fact that HIV-positive people can now lead almost normal lives thanks to highly developed drugs, they still face exclusion and stigmatization in daily life and at work. Therefore, people with HIV often hide their status. For many people, the infection means a deep cut in their lives, often associated with feelings of shame and fear. In particular, the fear of coming out, an unauthorized disclosure of infection by another person, plays a major role. Familiar surroundings, such as co-workers, can be an important support. However, comprehensive information, ongoing training and a clear attitude towards nurturing and respectful interaction are important for this.

The parliamentary group Bündnis 90/DIE GRÜNEN in the city council submitted the request for the signature of the declaration “#working positively: Against discrimination against people living with HIV in the workplace”. On May 11, members of the Equal Opportunity Advisory Council voted unanimously to sign it. The Klinikum Stuttgart signed the statement last year.

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