King Charles plans his coronation on a memorable date

King Charles has a number of tasks ahead of him as the Queen’s successor.Image: / imago-images

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On the first day after the Queen’s death, her son King Charles was declared the new king before a large audience and confirmed as the new monarch at St. James’s Palace. He doesn’t have much time now. After his mother’s funeral and the mourning phase that will soon end Charles must start planning his coronation.

King Charles set the so-called “mourning period”, i.e. the traditional mourning phase after the death of a king or queen, at seven days after the state funeral. It ends on September 29. Therefore, the royal family should take a closer look at the next important dates.

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Date of King Charles’ coronation with possible connection to the Queen

This includes the official coronation of King Charles III. with his wife, Queen Camilla. According to the Daily Mail, the new king is planning his coronation “shorter, smaller and cheaper” than his mother’s. The British newspaper also reports that it already has a specific date in mind: It is thought the service could take place on June 2, 2023 – the 70th anniversary of the Queen’s coronation.

Queen Elizabeth II on her coronation day June 2, 1953

Queen Elizabeth II on her coronation day June 2, 1953null images / imago

The coronation is meant to reflect Britain’s diversity

However, King Charles would like to lighten up his coronation, according to the report. His intention behind this is to show the world how the monarchy should work in the future. Traditional aspects such as anointing with consecrated oil should remain unchanged and the queen should be honored again.

But we suppose that the King is particularly keen to highlight the diversity of the United Kingdom. Members of various faiths should be invited, including Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus and Buddhists.

In addition, the coronation should last less time than that of the queen and cost less. At that time, according to the ‘Daily Mail’, around £1.57m was spent on the service – today that’s around £45m, or around €51.5m.

Due to the financial crisis in Britain, such large sums are to be cut next year – this decision will probably be applauded by the British.

The royal family mourns in a closed circle

Official plans likely won’t be announced in the next few days. A day after the funeral, King Charles flew to Balmoral Castle in Scotland with his family so he could mourn in private. This is where the monarch died on September 8, which is probably why the royal family feels particularly close to it.

Charles mourns the loss of his mother.

Charles mourns the loss of his mother.Image: Pool PA/Joe Giddens

Since the queen’s death, Charles has attended many royal events in his role as the new king. He has visited all four parts of the UK and received heads of state from around the world at Buckingham Palace. On Monday, he led his family in the motorcade to his mother’s state funeral.

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