Cow spit in lube as protection against HIV and herpes

A lubricant said to protect against HIV and herpes viruses during sex sounds too good to be true. But that is exactly what Swedish scientists have now developed.

The miracle cure contains a very effective secret ingredient: cow saliva. You can find out here how it can help against infectious viruses.

This is why cow spit in lube works wonders

Researchers led by scientist Hingij Yan from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm developed the new lubricant. The basis of the gel is cow saliva, which contains the protective substance mucin.

Mucins are mucilages and serve to protect the mucous membrane from chemical, mechanical and physical stimuli. The mucins in saliva are responsible for the lubricity of food and the viscosity of liquid. The substance can be found not only in humans and animals, but also in plants.

According to the research team, the effectiveness of mucin molecules against herpes and HIV viruses is mainly due to the fact that the substance is very complex.

And this is how it works: The contained mucin molecules bind the viruses to themselves, lock them up and then break them down again via mucus metabolism.

The product is particularly well rated in terms of animal welfare, because: Although cow mucin is used in the production, it is reproduced synthetically. This way the cows are not injured during production.

The product should also have no side effects. Unlike other antiviral agents, the lubricating gel also promises that users will not develop any resistance.

When to use the tool?

The lubricant is useful in all respects, because protection against sexually transmitted diseases always takes priority during sex. But above all, the lubricant is intended to help those who do not have a condom at hand or who wish to have double protection in the event of a condom breakage.

The saliva agent can be used in heterosexual and homosexual intercourse.

Although the use of condoms offers better overall protection against sexually transmitted diseases, the new lubricant is still convincing with an effectiveness of 70% against HIV and 80% against herpes!

If you really want to try the remedy now, unfortunately you have to be patient. The remedy is currently not yet available on the market.

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