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Prevention and prophylaxis in children are part of the ZFA training

On Dental Health Day on September 25, Sylvia Gabel, Head of the Department of Dental Assistants (ZFA) of the Association of Health Professionals eV, draws attention to the role of her professional colleagues in improving oral health of children and young people. in Germany.

“If today 80% of 12-year-old children are caries-free, this is also the result of teamwork in dental practices. ZFA and trained colleagues who take on important tasks in dental prophylaxis and dental hygiene as ZMP, ZMF or DH1 have made a decisive contribution to this. Group prophylaxis in nurseries and schools – as well as treatment in the dental practice – is unthinkable without them. ZFA does not only work as a As assistants, they also explain healthy eating to children, teach them child-friendly cleaning techniques and take away their fear of treatment. This is already part of the training. After appropriate qualification, they also provide other services that are part of the individual prophylaxis after being delegated by the dentist.

As a ZMF, Sylvia Gabel herself is part of a team that takes care of nurseries and schools as part of group prophylaxis. She adds: “When dealing with children, we are always aware of the importance of bringing up the subject of healthy teeth at an early stage and explaining it in a playful way. It must be ensured that children have the desire to live a healthy life, to play sports, to exercise and to have fun. A healthy diet for teeth is one of them and starts at home. We pass this on to the little ones when we visit the kindergarten. However, it is also important to organize a parents’ evening afterwards, in order to clarify how a healthy diet for teeth works in the family. A healthy breakfast is quickly explained and demonstrated. Daily tooth brushing should also be considered a ritual in private households, because a clean tooth does not get sick.

His goal: “If we establish tooth brushing and healthy eating and practice it every day, the number of early childhood caries will decrease significantly. Because 80% cavity-free isn’t the end of the road.”

Source: Association of Health Professionals eV

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