Selenskyj hints at other successes from the Ukrainian side

After the withdrawal of Russian troops from the town of Lyman, Ukrainian President Volodomyr Zelenskyy hints at further successes of his army. “The story of Lyman’s release is now the best known in the media,” Zelensky said, according to information from the Reuters news agency. “But the accomplishments of our soldiers are not limited to … Read more

KIZ: Youtube removes “Oktoberfest” video | entertainment

Youtube has removed the latest KIZ rappers video! The Berliners had uploaded a clip titled “Oktoberfest”, which the platform said violated the terms of service. The three-minute, forty-second video begins harmlessly: Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder (55, CSU) taps a barrel. Shortly after, Wiesn’s first visitor vomited. Then came the pixelated genitalia of both sexes, … Read more

“Nobody gives me an answer”: the father of Mahsa Amini does not have access to the files

“No one answers me” Mahsa Amini’s father does not have access to the files 02/10/2022, 7:25 p.m. His 22-year-old daughter was arrested in mid-September by Iran’s moral police for allegedly breaking the Islamic dress code and died soon after: Amjad Amini wants answers. But although President Ebrahim Raisi has promised clarification, nothing has happened yet. … Read more

Sarah Harrison Speaks Out: Dominic’s Marriage Crisis? | entertainment

Hard times in the Harrison household… Over the past few weeks, fans have not only worried about the fragile health of Sarah Harrison (31), who suffers from gluten intolerance and therefore had to leave her adopted city of Dubai to see a doctor in Germany. They also asked: Is it between the Youtuber and her … Read more

Tear gas against supporters of the junta: the French embassy in Burkina Faso attacked

Tear gas against junta supporters The French Embassy in Burkina Faso attacked 02.10.2022, 18:55 A group of soldiers deposes the head of the junta, Damiba, who has only been in power since January. Then the rumor spread that France was protecting Damiba. Protesters then attacked the French Embassy. After the coup in Burkina Faso, West … Read more

Football legend Mario Basler gives up!

Hot shower scenes A couple have sex in the summer house 2022 Love off in the “summer house of the stars” Katha & Eric separate in front of the cameras The summer residence of the stars: “KATHAstrophe” rap The hard accounts of Eric Sindermann with his ex Katharina Ivonne Mölders spins the wheel No eggs! … Read more

Early parliamentary elections: the bourgeois probably the strongest force in Bulgaria

Status: 02.10.2022 20:07 According to post-election polls, the conservative party of former Prime Minister Borissov is leading the elections in Bulgaria. Only a good third of those eligible to vote voted. Forming a government will be difficult. The pro-Western bourgeois opposition party GERB led by former Bulgarian Prime Minister Boïko Borissov is in the lead … Read more

King consort Camilla abolishes a centuries-old tradition

King’s wife Camilla (75) is apparently a breath of fresh air! A few weeks ago, Queen Elizabeth II died aged 96 – her son and heir to the throne Charles (73) became the UK’s new king. The Regent’s death also meant a change for his wife Camilla: she is now Queen Consort. Camilla probably took … Read more